Add AI to your website in minutes –
with no code.

Start shipping AI apps that move your business forward. Stop pasting text into ChatGPT,
wrangling your data to work with AI models, and cobbling tools together to use AI.

Custom UI

Create your own AI experience.

Build a custom UI (without code) for users to interact with AI and embed on any website.

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Build your own ChatGPT chatbot.

Train ChatGPT on your data and add it to your website as a chatbot.

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Built by a world-class team of Engineers, Product Managers and AI Researchers


Grow with AI

Drive business outcomes with AI

Convert more leads, engage your audience, upsell existing services, deliver more value to your customers with AI.

Lead Generation
Build an AI-powered form to engage and capture more qualified, high-intent leads.
Customer Support
Launch an AI chatbot trained on your Help Desk to answer questions and assist your customers.
Upsell Clients
Use AI to increase the value of your service offering to existing and potential clients.
Validate Product Ideas
Quickly build and launch experiments to test the viability of features and products.

What is Rubber?

A complete set of blocks to build powerful AI apps.

Rubber lets you create simple and intuitive apps and tools powered by cutting-edge AI models, like GPT 4.

Full functionality, no code.
Use pre-built components and templates to build anything you want.
Chain prompts with ease.
Create complex workflows with multiple prompts and models with ease.
Leverage the most advanced AI.
Use the most advanced AI models in your app without worrying about API keys & integrations.
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Simple yet Powerful

Connect to anything.

Rubber empowers businesses and individuals to seamlessly use AI across all your data sources.

Connect your data.
Upload a file containing your data for the AI to use. We currently support .txt, .csv, and .pdf file formats. Stay tuned for more supported file types in the future.
Add AI to anything.
Rubber connects AI models to your data automatically, allowing you to query and transform it with no additional work.
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Deploy in minutes

Publish and share anywhere.

Easily share Rubber apps and tools with all your customers and team members.

Push to deploy.
Publish Rubber apps anywhere with the click of a button.
Robust, scalable infrastructure.
Rubber handles deployments and hosting of all AI models and apps.
Whitelist our apps.
Remove Rubber branding from any published apps.
Embed anywhere.
Add AI functionality to any websites and apps with Rubber.
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Pricing Plan

Simple, transparent pricing.

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Perfect for personal or non-commercial uses.

$0 / month

Check IconUnlimited apps

Check Icon50 entries/month

Check Icon1 custom data source

Check IconEmbed apps anywhere

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Pro Plan Icon

Perfect for client projects or small businesses.

$30 / month

Check IconUnlimited apps

Check IconUnlimited GPT-4 access

Check IconUnlimited data sources

Check Icon1000 entries/month

Check IconRemove Rubber branding

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None of the plans fits your need? We still have you covered.


Check IconFine-tuned AI models

Check IconCustom data integrations

Check IconCustom volume pricing

Check IconDedicated hosting

Loved Around the World

Don't just take our word for it

Jeremy Cai

Jeremy Cai


If you haven’t tried out Rubber yet, I would definitely recommend it. We've quickly built a bunch of AI tools for my company, from writing product descriptions to TikTok influencers scripts.

Michael Tu

Michael Tu


I spent a day building an essay writer app for students using Rubber and am now earning $5k/mo from selling monthly subscriptions for access to it. I'm a Rubber customer for life.

Daniel Gulati

Daniel Gulati


As an investor, many of my companies ask how they can start working with AI. My recommendation is always to start buiding with Rubber.

Zaylan Jacobsen

Zaylan Jacobsen


Rubber brings together the best of no-code with AI to give anyone the power to use AI! I used it to create a cocktail generator app that I can share with friends and plan to offer Rubber development as a service of my software development agency! Awesome tool.

Lillie Sun

Lillie Sun


My favorite part of Rubber is how this is really democratizing AI utilization for everyone. Especially those outside of the tech bubble, new tech can feel intimidating but Rubber feels approachable, intuitive and enables people to build anything they're inspired by (e.g. me building an app to generate text responses after dates)

Kyle Lawson

Kyle Lawson


Rubber helps me generate more qualified leads for my business by allowing me to use AI to better engage my audience. Also their customer service is blazing fast - their CEO still answers all my emails and live chats.

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